Donghu Villa at 7 Donghu Road is a garden residence of French Renaissance style. In the middle of its south side are Baroque-style recessed open galleries with both ends slightly jutting out and with pilasters, while its main entrance on the east side is a Tashkent columnar porch.
  Inside the villa there are mostly classical wooden decorations with fine engraved patterns and its rooms are all inter-connected by doors. Its dining room on the west side has two fireplaces opposite to each other, above which there are Baroque decorative patterns.
  The villa was built by R. M. Joseph, a British Jew who was the owner of Ruikang firm in Shanghai, in 1925. From May 5, 1952 to December 26, 1962, it was occupied by the Shanghai branch of the Commercial Representative Office of the Soviet Union in China. The world-renowned physicist Einstein once attended here a welcoming ceremony in his honor held by the Jewish people residing in Shanghai. Today, it is part of Donghu Hotel.
    Business Hours: 10:00 C 24:00